"I sought out Louise because I needed someone who 'got' me, who understood and valued my personality and learning style, who would work with me and learn with me. I needed someone who could help me one-on-one to navigate the transition between middle and high school.

Louise did all this and more. She took the time to get to know ME, to translate strategies into my own 'code.' With her coaching, I developed the skills and confidence to organize myself, to write and edit, and to apply to college. She pushed me to want to work hard, to be better, to become more. I looked forward to every session; she taught me to love learning again.

Far and away, the best thing Louise did for me was take an interest in who I am, kindling an authentic and enduring connection."

Ben, Student

Executive Functioning, Writing, & College Admissions

“I hired Louise because my daughter’s school had one college counselor for 500 students. Throughout the application process, Louise really listened to my daughter and motivated her to pursue what excited her; she made my daughter feel safe to explore and just try.


The biggest asset was support with writing. Louise introduced her to the writing process, making her thinking visible. Through their work together, my daughter developed a personal connection with -- and ownership of -- her writing. Reflecting at each stage, she saw how intentional steps could culminate into an amazing product. We absolutely LOVED her personal statement; it brought tears to our eyes, and we will hold it close to our hearts. In fact, she was so inspired that she signed up for a creative writing course -- the first and only class she selected for the pure joy of learning.


With Louise, this experience had meaning beyond getting into college."

Anita, Parent

College Admissions & Writing

My sessions with Louise turned my life around. At first, I thought getting a coach was not going to be helpful, but I was very wrong; it ended up being the very thing I have been missing in my life and for my recovery. 


I sought out a coach because I had been dealing with a lot of mental health challenges. I have done many different types of therapy; however, I always felt there was a gap between the skills I learned and the way they could be applied to my life. Louise has guided me with steps that feel possible to achieve, steps that have made a remarkable difference in my life. Skills I am developing include: practicing self kindness and compassion, and incorporating healthy, constructive and positive actions. I feel the changes during and immediately after our sessions. I have never had such a helpful individual on my team!

Katherine, Client


 "Open-minded, kind, intelligent, efficient, and playful, Louise brought out the best in me. I enjoyed every session!

With her skills and support, I was able to accomplish beyond my goals and grow as an applicant, writer, and individual. When I had trouble figuring out what to write or what was different about me, she helped me see and convey my story -- what I have to offer.


Her approach led me to bring creativity to each piece. To make each supplement specific to the college, she helped me research in depth. Reviewing my writing with me, she was thorough and patient. I was happy that we didn't rush the process, that we put time and effort into each part. I am really proud of the applications I submitted. Louise equipped me with skills, such as brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and revising that I carry with me.​

As a result, I got into my top schools, AND I am more confident. This proved a big time of reflection for me. Now I know who I am."  

Anjali, Student

College Admissions & Writing

"Louise helped me tackle two critical -- and daunting! -- application processes: private high school and college.


She is a calming, creative, and joyful resource to have throughout a stressful time! Her approach allowed me to create my best work and be true to my personal voice. 


She shared valuable insights into the admissions process, while helping me to improve my writing. In particular, her approach to the initial stages of the writing process was really unique; it helped me to spark and foster new ideas. During our work together, I strengthened my ability to write with complexity and coherence. Louise’s feedback helped me understand where to focus, where to elaborate, and where to simplify." 

Ellen, Student

​HS & College Admissions and Writing

"Louise is a professional -- sharp and able to add some peace into what can be a very stressful time.

Throughout, she listened and understood what I was trying to say. She knows how to identify the essence of what you want to communicate and work with you to craft it in a way that represents who you are. She helped me a lot with writing by teaching me how to edit and the why behind it.

Louise is also just lovely and great to be around, so that made crafting personal statements and supplemental essays more fun. She is a pleasure to work with and ensures the final product is something you are proud of.

I highly recommend working with Louise."

Eleanna, Student

​College Admissions & Writing

"Louise is an amazing coach for the college admissions process.

She helped me develop a list of possible choices, pushed me to produce high quality applications, and was an ever-present sounding board and stress reliever. Throughout, Louise's professionalism combined with incredible warmth and empathy made the process smoother than it would have gone on my own.

10/10 recommend! We were in it together - my triumphs were her triumphs as well."

Dimitri, Student

​College Admissions & Writing

“I heard that Louise is good at helping kids with writing. She is also great at helping parents to formulate a good parent essay for my son's high school application. I am not a native English speaker and did not have experience with high school applications. Louise made the whole process so easy.”

Phyllis, Parent

HS Admissions

“Middle school is a challenging time for students in multiple areas -- socially, emotionally, and, for my child, sometimes, academically. Given these challenges, I wasn’t sure how she would feel about tutoring. Well, it turns out she looks forward to the sessions with Louise! Louise genuinely cares for her students as individuals and not just as clients. She has a tailored yet organic way of meeting the needs of her students.”

Cynthia, Parent


“Louise Place is an amazing person, coach, and teacher. She seeks to understand each child and guides and inspires them to write school applications that authentically reflect them and their skills, goals, and personality. She's very insightful, supportive, and encouraging for kids and parents to work with. She makes something that isn't necessarily fun extremely fun and eye opening!”

Danielle, Parent

MS Admissions and Writing 

“Ms. Place has helped me in many different ways throughout my time working with her. I have been able to become a lot more organized than I used to be because of her, and overall my efficiency in how I work has improved a ton because of this. I am so happy to be able to work with Ms. Place, and I think she is a great teacher.”

Charlie, Student

Executive Functioning


"Ms. Place is both a capable and fun tutor for students of all ages. She can be very flexible depending on your needs and circumstances."

Russell, Student

Writing Support & Enrichment

"I sought out Louise to help our older child become a more confident and effective writer in Middle School English. At the end of the year, his performance outdid our expectations! He credits it to all the work he has done with Louise. Louise has a way with kids, understands what they need, and adapts her teaching style to bring out the best in them. She brings a fun energy to all her sessions. Both my kids will testify that it is a joy to work with her. We highly recommend Louise -- she is spectacular!"

Saloni, Parent

Writing Support & Enrichment


"I am so grateful that we were referred to Louise. We knew it would be easier to have someone else guide our son through the process of crafting his high school essay. However, I don't think we understood how beneficial it would be on a variety of levels. Louise has a way of astutely helping our son reflect and write about himself in ways that he has never before. Expressing himself does not come naturally, and Louise has done a remarkable job in getting him to think more deeply about who is and then translate those insights into words. Originally, we chose to work with Louise to help our son prepare for assembling his high school applications. But now, not only has she made all of us more relaxed and prepared for the whole process, but she is giving our son skills that he can use beyond our initial goals. We would definitely use her again when our next son is ready to apply to high school or for the college applications."

Lisa, Parent

HS Admissions and Writing Support & Enrichment


"Louise was exceptional with her ability to understand the needs of our son. She gave him back his confidence by guiding him to write a better personal essay than he had previously written. She helped him navigate the college application process with a gentle but strong hand. I would highly recommend Louise to help any student through the difficult and challenging college application process."

Sophie, Parent

College Admissions and Writing Support & Enrichment


"Louise was exceptional with her ability to understand the needs of our son. She gave him back his confidence by guiding him to write a better personal essay than he had previously written. She helped him navigate the college application process with a gentle but strong hand. I would highly recommend Louise to help any student through the difficult and challenging college application process."

Sophie, Parent

College Admissions and Writing Support & Enrichment

Louise is an essential for anyone writing essays for college or graduate school applications. She is able to identify meaningful personal experiences in your life and channel your personality into writing, while ensuring the essay checks all the boxes that a college admissions office wants to see. She is accommodating and caring, but she also doesn't waste any time when working with students. She helped me write statement(s)-of-purpose that elegantly blended authentic aspects of my personality with key points that an admission office wants to hear. I reached out to her 3-4 weeks before applications to graduate schools were due, and she jumped in the trenches with me right away, sharing my drive to submit high-quality essays before a quickly approaching deadline. She was professional and focused while making sure to touch base on aspects of my personal life at all the right times (which allowed for our relationship to grow).

Max, Student

College & Graduate School Admissions and Writing Support 

ciocan-ciprian-dWsb2mf_0D4-unsplash (1).

Louise has helped me to grow confident in my writing and has taught me many skills that I know will be helpful in school and beyond. She has allowed me to explore what I can do, while giving me feedback to help me when I am stuck.

Tegan, Student

Writing Support & Enrichment

Image by Avinash Kumar

Louise has been so helpful in getting my daughter prepared for and organized in middle school. Her thoughtful, gentle, and fun approach makes my daughter think she is chatting to a friend during her sessions, all while learning vital study skills.

Stephanie, Parent

Executive Functioning


If you want help, Louise is the person.
It’s as simple as that.
She is genuine, kind, caring, and actually emotionally invested in her clients. She wants them to succeed! If you give her the time to work with you, she will change your life for the better. That’s a promise!

Jonathan, Client

Coaching (Personal & Professional)


“I sought Louise out for direction in the college application process. Our work together has proven very useful. She has a compassionate and creative approach that produces authentic work.


She always has an answer to my questions and was very helpful with recommending SAT tutors. Her writing process is great; she asks smart questions that help me think about what I want to say and how I want to say it. As a result of our time together, I have grown in understanding myself, writing about myself, and presenting myself in writing. Additionally, I am stronger at creative writing and requesting recommendations. These skills will definitely help in other areas of my life--and already have.  


One thing that is unique about Louise is her very personal style. She takes the time to get to know me and understand me and caters her approach towards that. I appreciate the conversations before we start working. I've always felt that I am the only person she is working with (which is obviously not the case!), and I think it's really awesome how special she makes the people she is working with feel. They are her priority. 

Clara, Student

College Admissions and Writing Support & Enrichment 


“I worked with Louise because I wanted to feel confident that my Personal Insight Questions accurately portrayed me during the admission process. Her approach is very hands-on and efficient. We would get a lot done each hour, and I never felt like time was wasted. 


Whenever we work together, it feels like we’re a team. She encourages and pushes me to write write write during our sessions and simultaneously goes through adding in little notes. I am now better at answering prompts, getting to the point and weaving different stories together. Louise asked questions and coached me to think of ways to craft my story that I would not have necessarily thought of by myself.”

Hamsa, Student

College Admissions and Writing Support & Enrichment