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Louise Place (she/her)

Learning Specialist with 16+ years of experience who understands that it's NOT one size fits all


There is nothing I do for work that I wouldn't do for fun. 

As a thoughtful and passionate educator and learner, I love equipping and empower people to discover and delight in their full wingspans. 

To do this work well, I believe one must take the time to get to know the whole person. (This often draws upon my inquisitive nature, active listening, love of storytelling, sense of humor, and extensive knowledge of pop culture!) 
What matters to my students matters to me.

The busy intersection of education and psychology is where my passion, skills, and sense of purpose meet. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to help wonderful people identify goals and achieve results. Throughout, our process is as important as our product. 
The most common feedback I hear from students and families alike is that I set them up for success; I know them, care about them, and am invested in their present and future.

Based in the CA, I work with wonderful people from all over the world. 


  • Institute for Social-Emotional Learning

  • Landmark College: Neurodiversity

  • Columbia University: Teachers College Klingenstein Summer Institute

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education, The Transformative Power of Teacher Teams Institute

  • Stanford University: Masters in Teaching MS & HS English

  • Tufts University: BA in International Relations, English, & Spanish

  • Milton Academy: Diploma with Distinction (I was a "Lifer" attending K-12th grade)

Professional Background

  • 15+ years as a Learning Specialist 

  • 15+ years as an Admissions Counselor

  • 6+ years as a Teacher & Curriculum Developer in Independent Schools (MS & HS English)

  • 6+ years as an Advisor & Designer of Advisory Programming in Independent Schools 

  • 6+ years as a Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Designer & Implementer in Independent Schools

  • 5+ years as a Here-to-There Coach (Personal & Professional)


  • Admissions Counseling/School Placement (MS, HS, College, & Graduate)

  • Writing Support & Enrichment

  • Executive Functioning​

  • Here-to-There Coaching (Personal & Professional)

What Makes Me Happy (Outside of Work)

  • Playing with my sweet, adventurous 3-year-old and partner (also sweet and adventurous!)

  • Singing and a cappella (Fun Fact: My college group, Tufts sQ! regularly earns a place on the annual Best of College A Cappella)

  • SCUBA diving (Highlight: swimming alongside centurion sea turtles and otherworldly manta rays)

  • Travel (Favorites thus far: Switzerland & Indonesia)

  • Photography (esp. where mountain meets ocean)

  • The Lost Art of Letter Writing

  • Dogs that double as arm chairs (bonus if Great Pyrenees!)

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