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As a Here-to-There coach, I am committed to equipping and empowering clients to lead lives they love. This involves both personal and professional spheres.

Through my results-oriented approach, clients learn about themselves, identify strengths and areas to strengthen, set stretch goals, manage transitions, and design strategies that work for them.

Specifically, clients seek me out to help them:

  • navigate challenging transitions (personal, educational, and professional)

  • make big decisions

  • form healthy habits and build accountability systems to sustain them

  • identify a vocation that aligns passion with purpose and then secure meaningful work (This includes skill and strengths inventory, strategic planning, reflection exercises, resume revamp, cover letter creation, interview prep, industry research, and networking practice, etc.)

  • set up a life in a new city, and

  • develop a practice of self-compassion.

As a result of our work together, clients report feeling more happy & healthy, purposeful & peaceful, and confident, clear, & connected.

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