From a young age, I discovered worlds within words; parting the proverbial coats, I entered a Narnia of my own making. The written word possesses such beauty, depth, and power. Never far from me resides Margaret Atwood’s quote: “A word after a word after a word is power.”

Yet, for many, the riches of language seem out of reach. Without the tools, writing can appear to be an impossible task -- so many moving parts, and how on earth is one to use a semi-colon?

As a Writing Coach, I enjoy equipping and empowering students to love -- and harness -- the written word. It is wonderful to be part of the journey as students gain confidence and delight in their expanding capacities. Together, we tailor a personalized approach, so that our time proves meaningful and useful.

Topics include:

  • The Writing Process 

  • Genre Study 

  • Audience and Perspective

  • Grammar for Clarity and Style

  • Figurative Language

  • Vocabulary and Word Choice

  • Storytelling 

  • Self-publishing,

  • and more!

Contact Me

Based in San Francisco, I work with clients in-person and remotely all over the world. 

Tel: (617) 513 - 7355 / Email: Louise.Place@gmail.com 


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